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Our Story.

We are a consulting firm that specializes in building international bridges and connecting founders with top-tier experts, resources, and capital.

Our Team consists of global consultants, analysts, attorneys, investment bankers, marketing professionals, business mentors, entrepreneurs, investors, public relations representatives, industry-specific experts, and technology leaders to help startup founders grow and scale.

We Empower founders to create a clear roadmap and arm them with the right tools, and resources that will help them succeed.

When you work with Ghani you get our exclusive team to help Guide you and prepare you to pitch to our global investors.

Our Global Impact

Strategic Insights, Tangible Results

For the past 15 years we have been connecting US startups, companies, and governments with the Middle East, primarily the UAE. Our dedication to this mission has given us access to much needed capital, and credibility with major investors, family offices, and government support. 


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We are a team of founders, philosophers, operational experts, sci-fi junkies, tech investors, and contrarians. We lean on our investment, research, and operational capabilities to provide a unique outlook and approach to investing in space and deep technology.

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